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REVA electric car: THE ideal vehicle for the city!


 Electric vehicle are the future!

REVA elektrische auto
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Electric vehicle are the most sustainable form of road transportation.

  • They protect the urban environment by being very silent and producing zero tailpipe emission.
  • The mitigate climate change: in Belgium, electric vehicle cause 3 times less CO2 emissions than similar petrol vehicles.
  • They decrease oil dependency: little electricity is produced from petrol.
  • They save energy by consuming less primary energy than internal combustion vehicles.
  • They reduce parking and traffic congestion since they are often smaller than petrol cars.

Sustainability is a fact

According to a scientific study by the European Association for Battery Electric Vehicles:

  • Electric vehicles consume less primary energy and substantially less final energy than fossil fuel vehicles of the same weight and performance.
  • Taking account of the emissions generated by the production of electricity, the refining of oil and the distribution of energy, electric vehicles generate with the Belgian electricity mix around three times less CO2 than fossil fuel vehicles of the same weight and performance.
  • In addition, because of their limited range electric vehicles will generally be smaller and lighter than fossil fuel vehicles and consequently even cleaner and more fuel-efficient. They could therefore contribute to reducing traffic and car park congestion.
  • Taking account of the production of electricity and the refining of oil, as well as of their distribution, it is shown that, with the Belgian electricity mix, the electric cars analysed in this study consume around 1.7 times less primary energy and generate on average 3.5 times less CO2 than the cleanest fossil fuel cars.
  • Electric vehicles will improve the energy efficiency and the cleanliness of electricity production without requiring, in a first step, significant increases in infrastructure.
  • If the use of electric vehicles became commonplace for city driving, the results worldwide would be:
    • To save around 20% of oil production.
    • To significantly reduce urban pollution.
    • To eliminate almost all traffic noise.
    • To reduce traffic and parking congestion.

Download this study.


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